World Pulse is a dig­i­tal media net­work that aims to con­nect women world­wide and bring them a glob­al voice. My role as Tech­nol­o­gy Asso­ciate incor­po­rat­ed many dif­fer­ent func­tions to meet the shift­ing needs of a small non­prof­it, from ensur­ing ecom­munca­tions sent to out­side audi­ences of 20,000+ con­tacts were pix­el per­fect to design­ing and edit­ing a vari­ety of assets for print and the web.


Icons designed for new website feature

These icon designs went through an approval process with the World Pulse staff so they ful­ly matched the look and feel of the site, using set site col­ors and pro­gram brand­ing to ensure continuity.


Social media engagement

This image was designed to encour­age social media audi­ences to join and engage with the online com­mu­ni­ty to earn their own badges.


A head­er designed for an email cam­paign and post­ed to facebook.

Email Campaigns

Exam­ples of dif­fer­ent email cam­paigns used to engage the greater World Pulse audi­ence. I worked with the pro­grams team to pro­gram and imple­ment email cam­paigns, using and tweak­ing exist­ing tem­plates, pho­to­shop­ping images where nec­es­sary, and pulling every­thing together.




Event signage and QA cards

I was a go-to trou­bleshoot­er for the staff, able to pitch in on projects on demand, includ­ing cre­at­ing these print pieces with exist­ing World Pulse col­ors & brand­ing for an event in Portland.



I recre­at­ed and added this intro­duc­tion title for a video that I edit­ed for length.

  • role: Technology Associate
  • skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, basic HTML/CSS, Constant Contact, Salesforce