We Stand For

  • + Empow­er­ing women and girls
  • + Racial justice
  • + Queer liberation
  • + Uni­ver­sal love and goodwill

Land­bird came to me as I was sit­ting a ten day med­i­ta­tion course near Auck­land. New Zealand is known for its flight­less birds, and it’s not so much I can’t take flight as that I’m always firm­ly ground­ed. I have big, pas­sion­ate dreams, but I’m only inter­est­ed in what we can do prac­ti­cal­ly, as humans, to get there. Check out how we’re mak­ing the world a bet­ter place togeth­er.

About the Creator

michelle elmquist

I’m Michelle Elmquist, a design­er and doer in Port­land, Ore, and I run this thing. A month after grad­u­at­ing from a per­fect­ly respectable uni­ver­si­ty I enrolled in a wood­work­ing course and spent whole after­noons learn­ing about glue. I love mak­ing things beau­ti­ful and enjoy see­ing all  of the art, mine and oth­er­wise, I have con­tributed to the walls of loved ones. I try to tele­graph a mes­sage of uni­ver­sal love and good­will with my designs, and I hope to share that mes­sage with a larg­er community.

If you’d like to know more, check out my port­fo­lio and con­nect with me.